Tae bo

Unique fitness system - a combination of martial arts and aerobics. Choreography is based on a series of blows, kicks and aerobic footsteps against the background of rhythmic, motivational music.


Фитнес програма, която обединява две дисциплини в едно- пилатес и фунционална тренировка. Принципите на плавност, контрол и прецизност при пилатеса постепенно преминават в динамичността на функционална тренировка. Работи се комплексно върху мускулатурата и стабилизирането на гръбнака, като предимно се използва тежестта на тялото. Fit Art е достъпен и разбираем за всички. Подходящ е и за...


Synonymous with strength, endurance and will. The drill rope was invented in the US by a former military and martial arts specialist for the training of athletes and naval specialties of America. The exercises are performed in a rhythm of music, and the workout is balanced for the whole body, with an emphasis

Viniyasa flow yoga

This class is suitable for participants with different flexibility levels. The series will feature some more provocative postures, given as variation, which allows every participant to get the practice, that he needs. Slowly moving from posture to posture, also detentioning in postute is common for this style.


Mixed workout of aerobic character that combines exercises with its own weight and weights. The purpose of this type of workout is to emphasize the problem areas for all women, namely the legs, abdomen and bumps.


This workout stretches both the muscles and the adjacent tissues (tendons, connective tissue, peripheral nerves, fascias). Stretching is synonymous with stretching and refers to the optimal range of movement of a joint.

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